More People Need To Know That Obesity Can Make Back Pain

A person who is overweight or obese often experiences back pain and they may not realize that being overweight is the cause. Launching from Spine Health, people who are overweight are at a greater risk of experiencing back pain, joint pain, and muscle tension than someone who has a healthy weight. If you are also suffering from obesity right now, we recommend you try phenq to reduce your weight more effectively.

In addition to back pain, symptoms exhibited by people who are obese may include fatigue, as well as difficulty breathing and shortness of breath during periods of light exercise. If fatigue and shortness of breath cause a person to avoid activities and sports, then this can indirectly cause back pain due to lack of exercise. So, how obesity can cause back pain?

According to the American Obesity Association, most people with obesity say they have difficulty or are less able to complete daily activities than people with other chronic conditions. Some of the most common obesity-related problems include musculoskeletal pain or low back pain.

Obese people need to lose weight significantly because each weight gain adds strain to the muscles and ligaments in the waist. To compensate for the added weight, the spine can become tilted and stressed unevenly. As a result, the strength of the lumbar support will decrease over time and the spine may curve unnaturally.

Low back pain in obese people also occurs because the excess weight pulls the pelvis forward and stretches the waist. As a result, this condition creates back pain. According to the American Obesity Association, women who are obese or who have a large waist are at risk for lower back pain.

A person who has a lot of fat around the midsection has a greater risk for obesity-related health problems, such as low back pain. Weight loss is often recommended for women with a waist size of more than 88 centimeters or men with a waist measurement of more than 100 centimeters.

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