Moldavite: The Out-of-This-World Fun Facts

Moldavite stones may originate from space, but there is still more to discover about these intriguing stones. You’ll be amazed by some exciting information about Buy Real Moldavite Stones For Sale that Inner Vision Crystals can provide.

To start, are you aware that moldavite is a tektite? When a meteorite strikes the surface of the Earth and melts the nearby rocks and minerals, tektites are created. Because it was made during a meteorite impact in what is now the Czech Republic around 15 million years ago, moldavite is distinctive.

But there’s more! Moldavite is renowned for having powerful energy and spiritual qualities. Moldavite is said by many to facilitate spiritual development and open up lines of communion with the cosmos.

Did you know that moldavite has also been utilized for communicating with extraterrestrial beings while we’re on the subject of communication? Moldavite is thought to be able to aid in contact with beings from other planets or dimensions.

Yet moldavite has remarkable qualities that go beyond its spiritual significance. The physical characteristics are also excellent. Greenish-gray in color, moldavite is unlike any other stone in its peculiar surface texture. In addition, it has a Mohs hardness grade of only 5.5, making it a comparatively soft rock.

You’ll also enjoy knowing that moldavite is rarer than diamonds if you’re a fan of gemstones. Moldavite stones are a remarkable and one-of-a-kind addition to any collection because they are less common than diamonds.

But the connection between moldavite and ancient civilizations is arguably the most intriguing detail about this mineral. Moldavite has been discovered in archaeological sites throughout Europe, and it is thought that the Celts and other ancient cultures highly valued it for its magical and therapeutic effects.

So there you go, everyone. Moldavite is not just any stone but a rare and fascinating piece of Earth’s past and an effective communication and spiritual development tool.

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