Let’s Start Invest in Stock!

Of the many investment products, the stock investment on www.alphabetastock.com can be said to be a type of investment that can provide the highest return or return compared to other types of investment. However, despite the high yield returns, the risk image that follows stock investing is also quite high. So, it is highly recommended that you understand very well what stock investing is, its strategy, and how to minimize the risk in order to maximize profits. Especially for those of you who are trying to invest in stocks for the first time, you must have knowledge of trusted investment recommendations, how to buy stocks and how to play them well so that the investment process becomes smoother.

Don’t worry, even though you’re still a beginner doesn’t mean you don’t have the opportunity to be able to maximize profits on your first stock investment. Who says he who is experienced can continue to profit in playing stocks. You can also with the following tips.

Choose Securities with Low Transaction Fees

What are securities and their transaction fees? In stock investing, investors are required to open a securities account that is facilitated by a securities company. After the account has been created, the investor must then top-up a certain amount of funds to the securities account. Money in a securities account will later function like e-money. This money is what investors use to buy the desired stocks online. So, the transaction fee in question is the cost of buying and selling shares. This fee will be the profit of the brokerage company in question.

Usually, the cost of security is set to be 0.19% for purchases and 0.29% for sales. But there are also only 0.15% for purchases and 0.20% for sales. So, so that the profits are even greater, of course, the choice is to have a company with the cheapest securities costs. But that doesn’t mean the higher cost of the security isn’t worth choosing. Usually, the cost of a security is determined by the quality of its service and application.

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