Learn the Facts About Marijuana

Many people think that the most dangerous aspect of the use of marijuana is its potential as a “gate” that led to its misuse and addiction to other types of drugs. However, further research has shown that marijuana alone, without any other drug types, can lead to dependence itself. They are addicted to marijuana may experience withdrawal symptoms when they quit using it, which is a decrease in achievement at school or work, broken relationships with others, and many other things typical in cases of drug addiction “harder”. If you think that someone you know is leading to (or have been) addicted to marijuana, you can help by knowing how to identify the symptoms and how to help him to escape from addiction. You can visit our website and get Suboxone treatment Nashville.

One of the biggest hurdles to helping someone escape from addiction to cannabis is proven that marijuana use may create an addiction, although this has been a common assumption. Research has shown that excessive use of marijuana can stimulate certain systems in the body that produce changes in the brain that create a condition of addiction. According to research estimates, 9% of those who ever use cannabis become addicted, and 25-50% of those who use cannabis every day becoming addicted.

– Adults who frequently use marijuana run the risk of decline in IQ scores in the future and the study found that the rate of decline in IQ scores is about 8 points.

– In addition, a longitudinal study conducted over 16 years found that marijuana users have the possibility of four-fold to become depressed than those who were not cannabis users.

– Although not common, marijuana abuse or drugs containing cannabinoid substances (eg, substance THC) can also occur. THC is just one of the 100 other cannabinoid substances contained in cannabis.

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