Knowing Two Types Of Fibers Materials On Carpet

Synthetic fibrous carpet is currently quite dominant in the market. Several reasons make it more popular than natural fibrous carpets. Mainly related to price, strength, endurance, and stain resistance. We also often see carpet tiles whose main material is fiber. At, we can carry out carpet maintenance by maintaining the quality of the fiber material itself so that it can be used for a longer time.


If we discuss synthetic fibers, then three types of synthetic fibers are usually used for carpets. Each fiber has certain characteristics that can make it more attractive than other types of fibers, or more suitable for certain uses than others.

Keep in mind that all the fibers available on each carpet have different qualities. Besides, in assessing the quality of the carpet, other factors also influence, so you can not judge the carpet based only on the type of fiber.

Regarding the three types of fibers, in the first place nylon became the most popular fiber. Nylon, in general, is a strong fiber with high durability. For the price, it is generally more expensive than other synthetic carpet fibers, and nylon is less stain-resistant.

Second-order polyester (polyethylene terephthalate, or PET). Polyester is a very versatile fiber that has long been used as a carpet material. Then how about the quality side? If the assessment is done, the quality of polyester is considered still lower than nylon, because polyester is not as strong or tough as nylon.

However, there are currently many technological advances that have been achieved in the production of polyester, and as a result, the polyester produced today is more durable than past production. Although not as strong as nylon, the benefits to be gained from using polyester rugs are stain resistance.
Another bonus you can get, this polyester rug is often made from recycled materials, making it more environmentally friendly than nylon-based carpet products.
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