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Joe Lauzon has had a reasonably adieu thus far , played Call of Duty for a couple of hours, passed an eye fixed exam, and now has a number of his closest friends and family on site to meet them. He chases his brother Dan, who has his back on him when Joe drops a left hook in the face, turns him around and then starts choking him from behind. I love to fight, read the back of Joe’s shirt like he loves a fat kid. Today everyone is playing nice. You can view more info here.

Nobody is bleeding. All the action takes place during a battered octagonal cage at Lauzon Mixed Martial Arts, the Bridgewater gym that Lauzon owns together with his longtime trainer. A dozen heavy bags hang from the ceiling, and the place is littered with lost water bottles and mouthguards. If you count 27-year-old Lauzon, 14 men are training in the cage tonight and another eight are practicing on nearby mats.The venue may look like one of those wrestling gyms from half a century ago, but these are not boxers, they are a new breed of fighters competing in one of the most popular and fastest growing sports in the world – martial arts. mixed. Like MMA, Mixed Martial Arts does what the name suggests, it mixes many martial arts (Brazilian Jiujitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Judo, etc.), on the floor and somewhere in between, usually within the confines of the sport’s signature eight-sided cage.

Everyone in the gym tonight has the misshapen ears of an MMA fighter – bulging and swollen from years of abuse in the form of punches, kicks and chokes, but no one is as noteworthy as Lauzon’s. His are magnificent: bulbous and scarred, shining to the east and west of his head. So distinctive, in fact, that someone took the risk of setting up a Twitter account for Lauzon’s ears (at the time of writing, they had 258 followers, fewer than the 59,593 who follow the rest of Joe, but more than any) other couple around view more info here

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