Influencer Marketing: How Effective Is It For Your Online Business?

For social media users, especially Instagram, the term influencers must be familiar to you. Usually, influencers appear when they get endorsed in the form of goods or services from certain brands. So, what exactly does influencer marketing mean? From these King Kong advertising reviews, we know that an influencer is a social media user who has hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers.These influencers have an important role for their followers. They have opinions that are trusted by their followers so that they can influence them to buy a product that has been reviewed by them.

As technology develops, currently social media users who have thousands of followers can be classified as influencers if they have the trust of their followers. The term used for this type of influencer is micro-influencers. Because they play a big role in the buying decisions of their followers, business actors see opportunities to work with them. Because of that, the term influencer marketing emerged, namely marketing goods, services, or campaigns from a brand using the services of influencers.

The effectiveness of influencer marketing certainly comes back to the needs of the brand. You must be able to choose influencers with the same field as the product or service you want to advertise. For example, if you want to increase the promotion of facial care, then choose beauty influencers whose followers are also people who are interested in the field.

4 Benefits of Influencer Marketing

1. Increase Brand Awareness
Hundreds of thousands to millions of followers from influencers will of course also have an effect on awareness for your brand. Brand awareness is generally divided into reach and engagement. Reach is the number of followers on the brand’s official profile, while engagement is the number of likes, comments, shares, and messages that enter your account. Working with influencers can improve the performance of your company’s social media profiles and awareness of your brand and products.

2. Expanding Target Market
Still related to the first point, the more people who know your brand, the wider the company’s target market. Your product will also be better known and have an impact on expanding your target market and increasing sales.

3. Build Closeness With Consumers
If brand awareness and target market have increased and expanded, you need to compensate by remaining active on social media. Don’t forget to reply to comments and incoming messages to keep in touch with consumers and potential buyers and increase engagement.

Maintaining communication and always informing campaigns or events that are already taking place on social media can maintain consumer loyalty and attract new potential buyers for your brand.

4. Increase Sales
A digital marketing strategy with the help of influencers can be a strategy to increase sales if you continue to monitor it with the available analytics. There are performance analysis applications from built-in social media or do your analysis.

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