Indicators that must be considered to minimize errors in making financial statements

In making financial reports, you need to look at the two basic financial statements that play an important role, namely the balance sheet and the income statement. Each plays its role, but at the same time, the balance sheet and income statement will give you a big picture of the financial situation in the company. Some errors can arise because there are trigger factors, including can only. After all, accountants do not have sufficient basic knowledge of accounting or other human errors, for example incorrectly entering data or loss of transaction evidence. There is an attempt of fraud by a certain party through the preparation of financial reports. Avoid cheating, it would be better if you use a trusted system such as Sydney bookkeepers. The data stored, especially if it is still using manual accounting, is often misinterpreted because it may not be accurate according to real data.

When you look at a balance sheet, you have to look for balances that don’t make sense or that don’t make sense. The balance sheet is a picture of your current business. You will get a quick snapshot of what is going on in your company. You may find negative balances on assets. What do the balances reveal? Did you sell the asset and remove it from the book but forgot to reverse its depreciation? Investigate immediately. If your staff receives payments from clients and puts them in the wrong accounts, your balance sheet will fall apart. Your financial statements will show a negative balance on one of the client accounts. On the other hand, clients who have paid still show unpaid bills. Fix it immediately.

If you have a large number of “miscellaneous” items, you may notice a downward trend in profits that is sometimes gradual over the long term. This can lead to an increase in your debt to income ratio because your funds are allocated inappropriately. On the other hand, this condition can also be caused because your business is having a hard time. In this case, the financial statements may also not be wrong, but they provide a warning that you must deal with immediately. Often the staff in the company are not disciplined in collecting so that many accounts receivable are old because they have passed the payment period. The bad impact is the occurrence of a Cash Gap where the company has to spend upfront capital for all purchases before getting payment.

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