How to Report Harassment in the Workplace

Here’s como denunciar acoso laboral if you’ve been a victim or witnessed it.

1. How do I report an incident of workplace harassment?

Workplace harassment can take many forms, including sexual and physical harassment, bullying, job shaming, verbal threats, derogatory comments, and microaggressions. Whether you are a victim of workplace harassment or have witnessed it, you must take action.

If you’ve been harassed at work, chances are that this unacceptable behavior has claimed previous victims and will most likely repeat in the future if not addressed promptly. You may have reported this incident to your company’s human resources contact, but what if you’re hesitant to escalate this internally for fear of retaliation, or if your claim has been dismissed? The next logical step is to file a complaint with a government agency whose job is to protect employees like you from all forms of harassment.

If you’re stuck in a toxic workplace and are ready to take action, we’ve compiled a list of federal and state government agencies that US-based employees can contact for assistance in resolving workplace harassment.

2. Federal agencies can assist with workplace harassment.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is in charge of enforcing federal laws against workplace discrimination and harassment. EEOC laws apply to the majority of employers, labor unions, and employment agencies with at least 15 employees. As a victim of harassment, the law protects you from retaliation. You have the legal right to report harassment, object to it at the moment, and even participate in a harassment investigation or lawsuit without fear of retaliation. Do you want to know how to contact the EEOC to file a workplace harassment claim? Navigate to their How to File an Employment Discrimination Charge page. It is critical to act quickly; in many cases, the law states that you have 180 days from the date of the harassment incident to file a claim.

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