How To Make A Music Box

Listening to music is indeed one of the most enjoyable things. You can fix a broken mood just by listening to the song you like. Currently, many tools can be used to listen to music, one of which is the music boxes. The music box is a multifunctional music player that can read audio from various sources such as memory cards, USB disks, or through the 3.5mm cable mounted on a cellphone. Let’s continue to see this article to make a simple music box.

Tools and Materials Required:

Before knowing how to make a simple music box, you should first make a series of music boxes that you will make. For the circuit, use a 2002 TDA IC that has a large wattage IC but requires a small voltage. With a small voltage, then you can use power resources through a notebook or cellphone charger adapter. The following are the tools and materials needed:

The best active speaker

1. 1 piece of thick cardboard, shaped into a box

2. 2 mid-range speakers, to produce stereo sound

3. 1 USB female socket, to play audio through a USB disk

4. 1 micro USB socket, as a place to power the music box

5. 1 on / off switch

6. 1 2002 TDA IC

7. 1 smartphone charger adapter and the cable.

8. 1 pcs 3,5mm female socket to play songs through 3,5mm cable

9. Tin solder to taste

10. 1 piece of solder

How to Make a Music Box

After all the equipment and materials have been prepared, then you can learn how to make a simple music box. Follow this simple procedure well:

1. Arrange the IC according to the circuit you drew before.

2. Arrange and solder one by one female socket that you have prepared on the IC board.

3. Install and solder also 2 speakers. Adjust the position so that the sound produced is pleasant to hear.

4. After all, components are installed on the board, finally, attach and solder the switch. Test it first by using an electric multitester.

5. Connect the music box with the charger adapter and try first to turn it on.

6. After lighting up, install the cardboard that has been prepared as a case for your music box.

Following the above method, indeed how to make a simple music box can still be said to be quite easy and simple. You just need to be careful in soldering. Enjoy creating and trying to make your music box.

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