How To Maintain Rugs So It Doesn’t Get Damaged Easily

The use of rugs can be a decoration and sweetener to make the room look more attractive However, the various motifs and rug materials will make you confused about choosing the right product. Rugs can provide a sense of comfort and a unique accent to a room. For the rug to appear optimally, its placement needs to be considered. Each color of the interior elements of the room should match the color of the rug. For example, curtains, sofas, and bed covers must match the unity. Choose a rug with easy maintenance so that you don’t find it difficult to clean the dirt caused by your child or even pets. Or you could easily maintain it with the help of professional carpet cleaning northern beaches service.

In addition, also adjust the rug with the wall and floor materials of the room, whether it is made of ceramic, marble, parquet, or other materials. On the other hand, avoid using rugs that are the same color as the walls or floors, because the rug will not create an accent for the room. Rug maintenance is easy. Several tips must be done so that the rug does not get damaged quickly. If the rug is used as a heavy wardrobe base, you should not leave it for years, because it will damage the rug. Every two or three months, the rug should be in the sun for at least three or four hours. It is better to dry the bottom of the rug first because in this section there are often water deposits.

If there are stains, such as food, drink, egg, urine, or blood stains, the first step in cleaning is to wipe them with a white cloth moistened with warm water, then wring them out until there is not too much water. Then, apply the white cloth to the stained area. Wait until the dirt stain is absorbed into the white cloth. After that, clean the cloth with water. Do that method repeatedly, until all the stains on the rug are absorbed. If the stain remains, rub gently in the direction of the thread.

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