How to Improve Employee Performance

Employee performance greatly affects the continuity of the company. Employees who have good performance will obviously make your company grow. However, unfortunately, employees are not always at their best at work. So, it’s your job as a company leader to improve your performance. If you click here, you can see a lot of our tips and trick.

Give training
What causes your employees’ performance to stagnate or even be less than optimal? Is it because their skills are inadequate? If your answer is yes, then this method can be tried. Provide training to your company’s employees to improve their skills. Set aside special time to teach new skills to your employees. You can also send them for training organized by more skilled parties. For a more flexible and practical option, you can register employees to take online classes or webinars on the internet. This way will give your employees new knowledge that can contribute to advancing the company.

Transparency in performance appraisal
In addition to being caused by inadequate skills, the decline in employee performance can also be affected by system errors, especially errors in the performance appraisal system. Many companies are still implementing a closed performance appraisal system. This means that employees cannot know the details of their performance appraisals. They may find other employees who are considered less active in contributing but instead get bonuses. Meanwhile, those who feel that they have achieved the given target, do not receive any appreciation. It is not wrong if then they will think that performance appraisal is done subjectively. For that, you should do transparency in performance appraisal. Inform employees what will be the assessment indicators. That way, your employee can know why he or she is getting this kind of performance appraisal.

Improving employee performance is not an easy matter. You can start by doing the method mentioned in the points above. Don’t forget to always give direct verbal appreciation so that your employees really feel appreciated for their performance.

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