How to Do Chakra Meditation

Do you know how to do chakra meditation? On this occasion, Riliv will give you a simple guide to practicing chakra meditation. But, before that, do you know what chakras are and what important role the chakra Manifestation system plays in our mental, physical and emotional health?

How to do chakra meditation begins by closing your eyes and sitting in the most comfortable position by straightening your spine. Then, focus your mind on the parts of your body starting with your feet and working your way up. As you do this, make sure all parts of your body are relaxed and allow the tension you are feeling to slowly dissipate.

The next step in chakra meditation is to focus your focus on the rhythm of the breath. Try to breathe steadily and deeply. In doing this, you may be thinking about a lot of things. If that happens, all you need to do is return your focus to the rhythm of the inhalation and exhalation. Imagine the flow of air into the lungs, then continues towards the bloodstream. Imagine that it energizes all the muscles, organs, and cells in your body. Then imagine, how the air flow brings out the toxins in your body, along with every breath you take.

Next, what you need to do while doing chakra meditation is to visualize every heartbeat that occurs and the overall movement of body functions. Imagine how all the parts work together in harmony. See how the breath shapes your body and becomes an important support for every part of the body that exists.

Next, in chakra meditation, you need to imagine how life energizes you, which goes with every breath you take. Then, imagine this energy as something that has a yellowish-orange color. See this energy envelop your entire body and transform into your aura. When this energy is transformed into your aura, imagine that your aura is getting stronger, brighter, and being filled with tremendous energy. Do this step gradually, until your aura grows brighter little by little along with the flow of breath.

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