How To Clean And Maintain Tiles

Tiled floors are part of a kitchen, bathroom, or another place in a house that is very often wet. So proper care is needed, floor tiles can look like new for years if treated by the best rated carpet cleaner service. However, you should also maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the tiles to prolong the beauty of your tiles. The first step is to sweep and vacuum on the floor every day. Activities like this will remove dust, food crumbs and other impurities that can gather on the tile floor. If this dirt is left in a wet area it can quickly turn into a stain which is very difficult to clean.

After that mop the floor with warm water. If the floor is not stained then there is no need for heavy cleaning, a wet mop on the floor will be enough to keep the floor clean. And then clean the mop in fresh warm water after mopping one part of the room, and repeat until the entire floor is finished mopping. To make the floor shiny every day, rub a wet cloth so that dust disappears from the floor then dry the floor.

If your tiles look dull and you want to do deep cleaning you could use this technique. Mop the floor with warm water and mix 1/2 cup vinegar solution with four litres of water and continue the mop as usual. And if the floor still doesn’t look clean, you can also mop the floor again using clean water and detergent. It is recommended to rinse the floor with clean, warm water after completion. It is important to remove all the remaining soap from the tile so that it does not fall behind on the floor which is interesting and holds back dirt. It is better not to use vinegar or chemicals on the tile floor. Because the concentration of three acidic substances in vinegar can damage the surface. Find out first, which substances are safe for your floor.

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