How To Choose Propoer Faucet

A water faucet, either a faucet with a luxury model or using a machine should have a handle that is comfortable to hold so that it is easy to use. Good quality faucets will last longer than plastic faucets. Brass faucets are still preferred because of their durability at extreme temperatures or in other adverse conditions. Aside from that, check out burbank plumbing if you want to hire a reliable and professional plumbing service with a fair price miracle rooter.

At present, the faucet with chrome material with glossily polished finishing is a favorite for the public because it seems more elegant and luxurious as in a five-star hotel.

However, if your home uses a vintage theme, it will be sweeter using the old model water tap. All that needs to be done is to ensure that all components in the faucet are in good condition.

Here are tips or ways to care for them:

1. Clean the water tap with soap, then rinse and dry it with a soft cloth to the entire surface of the faucet. Do not use sharp chemicals such as ceramic cleaning materials.

2. Do not use improper tools such as wire sponges and rough sponges or corrosive materials.

3. It is not recommended to use lemon or vinegar extract because it will only speed up the loss of luster on the water tap or just temporarily make it shiny.

4. Residue on shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel, and others have a large share in damaging the coating layer on the faucet. Be sure the faucet is rinsed with water until clean when exposed to these materials.

Because often used water faucets sometimes seem forgotten to get treatment. However, after reading these tips, hopefully, you don’t forget to take care of the faucet again!

Aside from that, there are also some tips you need to fix it:

Tools and materials:

Tap tap, size 14 key, screwdriver, minus screwdriver and pliers

Tap the tap.

Wrench or size 14 key

Flower screwdriver, minus screwdriver and pliers

Work steps:

1. Turn off the flow of water in the water installation. Open the screw cover on the top of the tap rotation, then open the fastening bolt round the tap with a flower screwdriver.

2. Open the cover of the water flow hole with the English key.

3. Remove the lever from the body of the tap. Turn the lever counterclockwise. Take the lever left on the inside of the tap using pliers.

4. Place the new lever into the inside of the tap. Pay attention to the position: the new lever position must be the same as the old lever position.

5. Replace all parts of the tap. Watch Out! Do not let any elements that are left behind or not installed.

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