How To Adjust The Temperature Of The Air Conditioner To Be Cool And Maximum Cool

Using air conditioning has become a necessity for every home today. For air conditioners to be used long-lasting, of course, care and repairs are needed if there is damage to the air conditioner. Perform maintenance and repair of air conditioners you can do with aire acondicionado pros that can provide the best service.

Well, the air conditioner uses a temperature regulation system with remote AC provided in the sales package when buying the air conditioner. However, to get the maximum cold temperature, it is necessary to pay attention to several things, especially in regulating the temperature of the air conditioner using the remote. The following is how to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner so that the cold is more maximum!

1. Determine the Right Standard AC Temperature
The first way to set the temperature of the air conditioner is to determine the most appropriate standard temperature for your room. Adjust the temperature with outdoor temperature conditions. Usually, the standard temperature of an air conditioner is around 22-25 degrees Celsius (° C).

2. Decrease the AC Temperature Gradually
If you feel that the temperature of the air conditioner is not optimal, you can gradually lower the temperature until you find the right temperature. Lower one degree lower until you find the right temperature.

3. Make sure the AC is in Cool Mode
Next, make sure your air conditioner is in cool mode. Because this mode allows the air conditioner to work to cool the room more leverage. Usually, modes marked with the symbol “❆” or cool writing can make the temperature in the room cool down quickly.

4. Set the Fan Rotation to Maximum
The next way to set the temperature of the air conditioner is to maximize the AC fan rotation. By adjusting the AC fan rotation at the highest level, the cold air is distributed evenly throughout the room. However, you must pay attention to the direction of the air-conditioning blast so that it does not hit the body which can cause health problems.

5. Use Swing Mode on the AC
In the indoor AC unit, there is a lattice section which is useful for adjusting the direction of the air conditioner wind blows. Well, you can maximize the temperature of the room by utilizing this AC lattice, that is by using the swing mode found on the AC remote. Swing mode is useful for moving the AC lattice up and down continuously so that the AC wind blows more evenly and the room temperature becomes cold quickly.

6. Don’t Force the AC to Work Harder
One of the mistakes that AC users often make is to force this device to touch temperatures that are not ideal when the weather conditions are hot.

Well, now you know how to set the air conditioner temperature correctly. Make sure you take care of the air conditioner with the aire acondicionado tijuana so that the air conditioner is more durable and durable.

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