Here 7 Function Email As A Communication Tool

As we know, email today is very important. Moreover, for business interests that are increasingly fast and advanced, even every company also needs to use an email tester to launch a business clearout. Well, as an important communication tool in the scope of the company, there are several functions of e-mail:

1. Receive and send messages

The speed of sending messages via email is very fast. It depends on the speed of the local internet network. The message that we can receive or send is not only in the form of text. we can also receive and send files using this email facility. Files that can be sent are all kinds. There are documents, sounds, videos, images and links that we can send easily.

2. One of self-identity

The next email function is to find out our identity in cyberspace. This is due to making e-mail, we must enter various kinds of data needed. Generally, we must enter the full name, date of birth, gender, to the country of residence. With the information that is quite detailed, we can also contact someone by including their email address.

3. One way to register with several sites

Along with the increasing number of sites that sync with email addresses, we are also facilitated in registering our accounts on several sites without having to fill in a few registration pages, for example just how to easily register on the social media platform. In general, email accounts that can be synchronized with many sites are email accounts.

4. Media marketing

Maybe you’ve seen an e-mail containing the contents of an item or service. Well, the contents of the e-mail are one of the functions of e-mail. One of the online marketing techniques carried out by several companies is to take advantage of this email and spread it to each email tool randomly. This marketing technique is quite effective in today’s digital era.

5. Notification gathering place

When we join several sites using our email account, automatically notifications can also be entered into the email. For example only when you make transactions on online shopping sites. When you buy an item, you will automatically receive a payment notification via email. In addition to buying and selling transactions, you can also see social media notifications that you follow. For example, when you use social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., there will always be notifications related to the social media account that is used.

6. Browse documents quickly

If you often use email as a medium for sending various kinds of documents, then you can use this email to find important documents quickly. For example, a computer or laptop cannot be used while you need documents right now, if previously the required documents were sent or received from an email, then you just have to search for the keywords in the “search” section. Automatically, the document will be sorted after entering the right keywords.

7. Media to apply for a job

When we apply for a job, it can now be done via email. Generally, we have to prepare various job application documents in paper form along with supporting files. Now, with the development of technology, sending applications can be done via email. In terms of speed, we are very sure that it will be fast if compared via postal services. Many companies also already use email as a medium to receive job application files.
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