Getting to Know the Theories in Tarot Cards

The types of cards used by the psychic in chandler are basically the same as cards in general. Tarot is basically 78 a deck of cards with various types of images with specific symbols and numbers. Tarot is commonly used for various purposes, including as a medium for meditation, tools for predicting the future, and tools or media for psychological consultations.

Carl Gustav Jung, a psychologist with the flow of psychoanalysis said that human behavior and behavior are influenced by the dynamics of life that occur in their souls (psyche). The soul, according to Jung is divided into 4:

Consciousness is the awareness that appears at the beginning of human life, maybe even when the human has not been born. Gradually a baby’s consciousness becomes more specific, the baby begins to recognize his mother, father, and people around him.

Ego (Conscious Mind)
The ego is created by one’s conscious experiences and it is formed due to the impact of a person’s physical collision with the surrounding environment. His job is to try to show these physical needs to the outside world so that these needs are met.

Personal Unconscious
The personal subconscious is the part of the human personality that is not realized, and it is close to the ego. The personal subconscious mind is formed from events and life experiences that have been conscious of but forgotten and neglected.

Collective Unconscious (Collective Unconscious)
The collective subconscious is a subconscious memory that is obtained from ancestors or ancestors that are passed down from generation to generation according to Jung.

Memories of the history of the human race, even up to their animal ancestors, are still stored in the collective subconscious and embedded in the archetypes of human organs.

The contents of the collective subconscious mind of humans are called archetypes. It is a form of universal ideas and thoughts that have a high level of emotion.

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