Get to know the types of waxing, which one is right for you?

Waxed hair won’t grow back for up to 2-9 weeks. Some parts of the body that require a Brow Waxing specialist are eyebrows, face, bikini, armpits, arms, back, stomach, and legs. If waxing is done regularly, there will be a chance that the hair will disappear permanently. There are several types of hot wax that we often find such as soft wax and hard wax which we have discussed above. Although of the type, they all accomplish the same way. The wax is preheated to be melted. Once melted, the wax is applied over the skin. Then it is removed only by hand (if using hard wax) or using gauze (if using soft wax). Since the wax only sticks to the hair, you can pull it in the opposite direction of the hair growth in a sudden motion.

Cold wax is primarily designed for home use. The wax is on the pullout strip you purchased. All you have to do is warm the strip by rubbing it between your palms so that the wax adheres well to your hair. How to use it is to place the wax face down, then press in the direction of hair growth. After that pull from the opposite direction. Do not wax all areas of the body in one period. For starters, you can try setting two to a week for a face shave or a third. While in the third to a fourth week for the pubic area and other body parts. With a consistent schedule, prevent hair from growing too early. Because the fur will be more prone to breaking if you do it in too short a time. Never do waxing, especially for the pubic area, while menstruating. At that time, your skin becomes very sensitive. Do not wax five days before your period. It is better to wax three to four days after menstruation.

Some of the common causes that allow this to happen are wearing the wrong underwear, taking a hot shower after waxing, or exercising that causes friction. Better, wait a few hours after waxing, then you shower.

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