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Well, maybe many of you don’t know that floor rugs consist of many special categories in their distinction. To dissect the floor carpet thoroughly, let’s go see the type of floor carpet based on the room!

– Carpet Area Houses
One of the most popular types of floor rugs based on space is the home area rug. This means that this floor carpet is useful for the entire room of the house, especially in the interior of the family room and living room, and is decorative. This type of floor carpet can consist of various shapes, materials, patterns and motifs.

– Runner type rugs
As the name suggests, runner type floor rugs are designed to cover areas that are elongated in shape with a short width. Runner floor rugs are often used to cover corridors or transition areas from one room to another. There is also a long runner floor carpet that covers the steps and is called the Stairs Runner.

– Outdoor carpet
Outdoor type floor rugs are resistant to weather, terrain, and dirt. Other names are heavy duty. Outdoor type floor carpets are often found on the porch, deck or yard to beautify the home page.

– Children’s Floor Carpet
Children’s floor carpets are usually present to accompany your child’s activities in the break room or playroom. Children’s floor carpets often appear in colourful shapes with cute patterns. More importantly, this child’s floor carpet protects your child from the cold and hardness of the floor of the house.

– Special Bathroom Rugs
For the bathroom, this floor carpet is divided into two types. The first is a carpet that has a soft surface and can absorb water, and is rather thick and placed in a dry area in the bathroom. The second is an anti-slip floor carpet that is usually made of rubber and is often placed in a wet area of the bathroom. With this anti-slip floor rug, you will be more flexible in and out without having to worry about falling or slipping.

– Kitchen rug
Floor carpets for kitchens are also often a popular choice of carpet as room decor as well as to protect the floor from splashes of oil, water and dirt.

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