Do These Steps When Your Home’s Door Is Difficult To Open

A jammed house door or difficult to open is indeed a problem for many people. This is what causes them to need services that can handle the problem. One who can handle this problem is Locksmith mornington. With services that can handle the problem, you will no longer be locked inside or outside the home.

A door that is difficult to open is not only caused by a damaged or problematic key. There are a number of other things that also make it difficult for the house door to open. however, what you need to know now is the right steps to deal with the problem. You can apply a number of steps below when the problem mentioned above occurs.

1. Remove the screw with a screwdriver
Remove the screw with a door screwdriver. This is done so that the door can stand upright when propped up. If it turns out that the door hinges are damaged or bent, replace it with a new one.

2. Mark with pencil and ruler
Mark with a pencil and ruler, how big the part will be shaved. Do this on both sides of the door to avoid slope after being shrunk.

3. Shake with wood
Wipe it with wood, then draw it with a manual drawstring tool or drawstring machine. If what is going to be shaved is the top or bottom of the door, do the shuffling from the direction of the bag down.

4. Smooth with wood sandpaper
If the edges become uneven, smooth with wood sandpaper. make sure the expanding part has been reduced so that the door leaves do not rub against the floor and frame.

5. Insert into the door frame
When finished, lift the door leaf and insert it into the door frame. Reattach the hinge plate to the door leaf, then attach the door hinge to the frame and insert the hinge lock.

6. Check again one more time
Check again if the door no longer squeaks. For regular maintenance, lubricate the door hinges. The door is now easily opened and closed.

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