Difference between Lip Balm & Lip Gloss

Men might not need to know, they might also think that these two things are the same. But for you women, you need to know about this. What is the difference? Both have the word lip, but different functions for the lips. As makeup artist Margina Dennis said, lip balm and lip gloss are different because they have different functions. Lip balm is technically made to treat dry lip skin, make lips moist so as not to crack or to restore dry skin to become soft lips. If you want to get a DIY Lip Gloss, you can visit our website.

If you use matte lipstick, lips often dry afterward. To restore lip moisture, you can apply lip balm. But of course, lip balm won’t get along with matte lipstick, because of its oil content. Use only one of them. As for lip gloss, this object is made more towards ‘decorate’ your lips. Like when you finish painting your nails, you need to coat the nail polish with clear paint so that it doesn’t fade easily or is damaged. Likewise, the function of lip gloss.

Lip gloss works to make your lips look fuller, brighter and fresher because it gives the impression of glossy or shiny and wet. Although different functions, you can combine the two. You can use both at the same time if you want to create the impression of natural makeup without lipstick. Apply lip balm and coat it with lip gloss. And you are ready to go out.

Besides functioning to help brighten the face, you can use lip gloss as a lip topper. The pigmented lip gloss color is perfect for the pairing lipstick used. Use this lip gloss after applying lipstick or lip cream. The look of your lips will be more stunning and look glossy after using lip gloss over the lipstick used. However, you need to choose a lip gloss that has perfect formulas. Because the color of sheer pink and micro-glitter gives the effect of a luxurious natural luster without damaging the basic color of the lip cream you wear. So, let’s prove the use of lip gloss to make lips look different from usual!

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