Definition of Atopic Eczema

Atopic eczema is a skin disease characterized by the appearance of intense itching and reddish skin rashes. The rash and itching can appear in one or more areas of the body, and the itching will feel worse at night. In addition to rashes and itching, atopic eczema sufferers can also experience other symptoms, such as skin becoming rough, thickened, and scaly. In certain cases, problematic skin can cause pain or even bleed. You can visit our website to get the Best Anti Itch Eczema Cream – Now for Kids – Suu Balm.

Atopic eczema is a condition that often occurs in infants. However, it is also possible for children, teenagers, or adults to experience it. Although the cause of atopic eczema is not known with certainty, there are several factors that are thought to trigger the emergence of this condition. Some of them:

Animal fur
Clothing material used

Atopic eczema causes discomfort and can interfere with appearance thereby reducing the confidence of sufferers. To relieve symptoms, there are various ways that can be done. Atopic eczema can be treated with independent treatment and treatment from a doctor. Independent handling includes:

Maintain healthy skin
Avoid atopic eczema triggers
Control stress
The doctor can give the right medicines to treat the patient’s atopic eczema. In addition to getting drugs from doctors, patients can also undergo therapy that can improve skin and relieve symptoms and reduce patient stress.

Atopic eczema that does not get proper treatment, has the potential to cause complications. One of them is neurodermatitis. This condition not only causes itching but also the skin will become thicker, rough, scaly, until it changes color. In fact, itchiness that feels itchier if scratched.

Apart from neurodermatitis, atopic eczema can also cause other complications, namely:

Skin infection
Sleep disturbance

In addition to physical health, atopic eczema can also have a psychological impact on the sufferer. Damaged and disturbing skin conditions can reduce the patient’s confidence, even triggering bullying.

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