Avenir Condo: Best New Brand Residential Unit To Own In Singapore

Have you known about a new residential unit in Singapore called avenir condo? This is a very popular new residential units that can be purchased recently. Many people are familiar with this name and how this condo can be a good unit to purchase. Purchasing this condo is of course, because of several influences and factors. However, many people consider that this condo is very worthy and valuable to be purchased.

What Makes This Condo So Special
This condo is in Singapore upmarket of River Valley. That is developed by Macly Group. They focus on the small-medium freehold projects appealing to investors. The developer team always offers a more affordable unit with good offerings to make deals.

Planning for this avenir condo haus is still on the progress of approval. But, you can see how this condo building will be very worthy to own. Moreover, it is located in a very strategic location, near MRT station, shopping centers, and also schools around. This condo is also going to offer several units to own that will be available in some types. They are the condo with one bedroom type, two-bedroom, and also three bedrooms.

Each avenir condo showflat unit will offer a different price. Moreover, the units are also reachable and affordable enough. For, we can also make some addition to the room and make it a good interior design for sure. If you are asking about the price, you can contact the team through this website in order to get clear details of the prices and all includes.

Seeing the design of architecture, this condo really brings a new feature and architectural design. You can see the condo is located near the river and it brings a great view. Moreover, the building is also located in good areas, with breathing greenery and views. So, you will not feel bored or bad living in the condo.

To ensure that you really like the plan of avenir condo haus, you can see further details and information in the main menu of this website. The condo is still in progress or process. But, you can really see how this condo will be very promising for future investment and also living residential units.

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