Coffeeland For Coffee Lovers

For coffee connoisseurs, the Coffee Machine is the most important tool in making premium coffee. The price is not cheap, so you have to prepare a budget for long-term investment. Usually, the selected espresso machine is a semi-automatic machine, which means that other states are still being carried out, namely grinding, dosing, tamping, etc. You are also not enough with an espresso machine, because you have to complete other accessories such as a tamper, pitcher, thermometer, timer, demitasse, shot glass, knock box, and grinder.

Before deciding to buy an espresso machine, you should also consider several things, namely:

Making espresso is not as easy as one might think. Making 30 ml espresso doesn’t work immediately on the first shots, you need to be patient and keep trying. Even a barista can make mistakes in the first 3-5 shots while constantly adjusting the grind setting. The time for the extraction must be right, you need to be patient, and it is not uncommon for espresso-making to pollute the surrounding area. Coffee grounds can be scattered and the espresso liquid that soils the table and floor if not cleaned immediately will leave a mark and be difficult to clean.

Make sure you have power above 3500 watts. The espresso machine in one group will consume more than 1200 watts of power. So if you choose a two-group espresso machine, the electrical power required is around 4000-6000 watts. In addition, working in front of an espresso machine is not as comfortable as it seems. The espresso machine will release heat energy as a result of the boiler boiling water and you may be splashed with hot water. Carry out regular maintenance from cleaning the group head, backflush, to descaling. You need to pay attention to the group head because it will affect the taste of the coffee. Group heads that are dirty or polluted by dirt from coffee extraction will make the coffee taste less good and the machine cannot work optimally. Therefore, deciding to buy an espresso machine is the same as committing to maintaining it.

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