Cleaning House After A Flood

Floods that pooled several residential areas and surrounding areas began to recede. The receding floods left muddy dirty houses and damp and wet items. Cleaning the house after the flood recedes requires extra work. Items that escape attention may suffer damage, so they must be cleaned and dried completely. Always use complete equipment when cleaning the house after floods such as masks, boots, and gloves. The easiest way to clean your house after a flood is by calling the professional home page.

Here are some tips for cleaning the house after the flood recedes. Dry the furniture. First of all, pick up items that are flooded with water to dry and clean. Location with direct sunlight will help to kill mold and bacteria. Clean furniture and carpet as quickly as possible within 48 hours after the flood. The longer it gets damp, the more mold develops. Opening windows and winding up goods can also be an alternative solution. Don’t hesitate to dispose of items that are badly damaged and cannot be used anymore. Clean the carpet. Give extra attention to wet carpets. Damp carpets are a source of disease for family members. Dry and clean the carpet using soap and disinfectant to remove bacteria. Bringing carpet to a professional washing service can also be an easy solution.

After lifting all the belongings, it’s time to clean the floor of the house. Remove all soil or mud left from flooding. Use a floor scrub to clean stubborn dirt. Give extra attention to every corner because dirt often accumulates in the area. Clean the walls too because puddles often make the wall color different. After the floor is clean from dirt, the floor mop uses a liquid that contains disinfectants. Even though the floor looks clean, bacteria and fungi are still left on the floor and can be a source of disease. Give fragrance too because flood water often leaves a smell. The smell is also an indication there is still dirt.

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