Choosing Types of Wood For Guitar

Surely many friends who already know about the types of wood that are widely used to make a Electric guitar kit, or maybe even further, already know the tone character of these types of wood to the process of making a guitar. Starting from the process of selecting the felled tree, to the process of finishing a guitar.

For some friends, some might ask questions like the students above. Then the answer is ‘yes’. In fact, two guitars made from the same tree type will sound a little different. But I will not discuss in too much detail, because it will certainly be very long. I will discuss in general about some types of wood that are generally made by several guitar manufacturers, as well as the tone character produced from these types of wood.

The easiest example to recognize what kind of character from wood, we can hear on the guitar – Fender guitar output, or the guitars used by guitarists of the 80s. In tonality, this wood has a character that is in the middle; not too bright and not too warm (low), with good sustain. My own version, this type of wood guitar is widely used for rock genre music, especially 80s rock music.

– Ash
This type of wood has an almost alder character but is slightly brighter and more “twangy”. The most striking thing about this wood is the interesting wood grooves. An example of a guitar that often uses wood is Fender.

– Basswood
Wood is easily available and has an affordable price, so guitars that use this type of wood are often associated with economical guitars. Although not completely true. In fact, this wood has a good tone and it is not uncommon for guitar manufacturers to use this type of wood for high-end guitars and to produce good quality. The main characteristic of this type of wood is in its lightweight with a sound that tends to be warmer than the alder.

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