Choosing Safer Baby Monitor

With so many models of baby monitors available, many parents are confused about which model to buy. Especially when you want to use it in more than one room. You could check the most suitable types of baby monitors at However, before buying, you need to know the types of baby monitors first. There are 2 types, namely analog and digital. Analog monitors are usually cheaper than digital. On the other hand, the digital type is safer to use because it uses a password so that it is not easily opened by others. If you buy a digital type then look for one that uses DECT (wireless) to minimize interference with other devices.

Generally, baby monitors have 2 main features, namely audio and video. If you only want to monitor your little one’s voice, then choose an audio baby monitor. They are usually less expensive than video features. However, if you feel insecure about the safety of your baby, then try using a monitor that is equipped with video. With this feature, you can monitor every baby’s movements and have night vision or a feature to see the baby sleeping at night. There are also various monitors with video. Some are equipped with small and large screens. The baby monitor consists of 2 parts, namely monitor and receiver. A monitor is placed in the nursery and a receiver that you can take with you anywhere.

It is recommended to choose a small receiver and light so that it is easy to move when you are indoors. There is a type that can be used with the help of a smartphone. This type of monitor is more practical to use to monitor babies. Make sure it has an alarm. If you are very worried about the safety of your baby, then try choosing a baby monitor that is equipped with an alarm and integrated with door sensors. So if something happens that threatens the safety of the baby, the alarm will sound immediately.

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