Choosing a Good Spinning Reel For Beginners

The reel is a winder for string and this is a very important object for an angler. Reel has a function to facilitate the angler in throwing bait and attracting fish. So that the reel selection can not be arbitrary. For now, there are 2 types of reels, namely: Spinning Reel, and Baitcasting Reel. If you are wrong in determining the reel, then you yourself will be inconvenienced when fishing. Visit to get the best spinning reel.

Then what are the things to consider when fishing?

Choose the Right Fishing Reel Size
When you buy a reel, the first thing you must know is to determine the right size. Choose reel according to your fishing spot. Whether it’s rivers, swamps, ponds, lakes or the sea. Then adjust also the target fish that you will fish.

Understand the Types and Strengths of Fishing Reels
In reels, we often encounter numbers of types 500, 1000, 2000, 2500, 3000 to 20000. That number means the class of the reel. The number 500 means 500: 1000gram, meaning the reel with type 500 has a maximum drag of 1000gram (1 kg). This reel can lift 1 kg of fish. And so on has a ratio of 1: 2. Drag itself is the ability to hold the reel in the pull of fish.

Pay attention to the size and material of the spool
The spool functions as a place for the strings to be rolled. The greater the size of the spool, the longer the strings can be rolled. Then the spool itself serves as an anchor string.

Pay attention to the quality of the fishing reel system
The drag system on the reel becomes an important aspect of fishing. Drag has the role of providing resistance to the fish during the fight and letting the strings come out while the fish continues to fight. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of the drag system before you start fishing.

Anti Reverse Handles Feature on Fishing Reels
This Anti-Reverse feature functions so that the handle will not turn back, which means the hook set is stronger. If there is still a spinning reel, you should look for another type of reel.

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