Choose Another Cam Besides GoPro

GoPro is not a cheap type of camera. When compared to the iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy Note 8 caliber camera phones, the GoPro camera is nothing. Basically, GoPro is an action camera to fulfill documentation needs in extreme places. So, if you don’t really need this camera, you should think twice before buying it. If you only need an occasional action camera, just buy a cheaper action camera like Xiaomi Yi or rent a GoPro on a rental. Because, if you only need a camera to take photos in ordinary places, then you can rely on your smartphone’s camera. For gopro alternative, you can visit our website.

Tips on buying a good GoPro camera is to choose the battery with the longest durability. As an action camera, you definitely need a GoPro that can be used for a long time, right? If the battery capacity is one of your considerations, then the GoPro Hero 5 Black is the action camera most suitable for you. Among other GoPro series, Hero 5 Black carries a larger battery capacity, which is 1,220 mAh. Of course, this camera can last longer than GoPro Hero 4 or Hero 3 which has a smaller battery capacity.

Just like when buying a smartphone, you also already know that the higher the GoPro series, the more expensive the price. Currently, the good and expensive GoPro camera series is Hero 6 Black. If your budget is sufficient, there’s no harm in buying GoPro Hero 6 Black. However, if you have limited funds, it never hurts to buy the first GoPro Hero series. Although the first series, GoPro Hero has provided a 5MP camera, 1920x1080p @ 30 FPS video resolution, and a camera that can be carried in water 40 meters deep.

However, if you still need other alternatives that are cheaper from GoPro, you can visit our website. Because we provide a large selection of action cam that you can choose as an alternative to GoPro.

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