Checking Electrical Installation Safely

Every house is required to operate electrical installations that comply with national standards. Here’s how to check your home’s electrical installation to make it safe and legal. By regulation, the issue of electrical installation in every house is not the direct authority. However, they still urge customers to carry out regular checks and maintenance on the power lines they use. This aims to avoid the danger of electrical short circuits and fire. So should the need arise you could check nen 3140 cursus out to get proper training.

In addition, routinely checking the electricity supply at home is also necessary to ensure its safety. After the electrical installation, the house is installed and has an identification number, the installation must be inspected by the Installation Inspection Agency. If the electrical installation is proven to be safe and meets the standards, then the customer will receive a proof. Here are things that need to be done when checking home electrical installations to make them safe and legal:

– Check electrical installations. Make sure the electrical installation is not problematic.
– Check your electricity bill regularly. Make sure the meter is functioning normally and the seal is properly attached. Make sure the electricity that flows into the house is official electricity that is registered. It will prevent customers from violating electricity usage.
– Try to use a power cord labeled with international standards.
– Pay attention to the socket. If the hole looks melted, it should be replaced immediately to avoid a short circuit. Electrical equipment with high-powered electrical power should use its power line. This is to avoid overloading the electric current.

For customers who want to install new electrical installations in their homes, they should ask the installation officer to make a simple map of the electric current. The goal is to make it easier for homeowners to detect the root cause if one day there is an electrical problem.

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