Carpet Maintenance To Avoid Mold

There are several ways you can use in terms of storing the carpet or rugs so it is not damp and trigger the emergence of molds. Once the mold starts to appear on the carpet, you need the help of near me carpet cleaning service to get rid of it easily. But the way we store the carpet also important to consider to prevent mold. The following are some ways to store carpets so they don’t get damp and moldy. The easiest way to store a good carpet is to roll the carpet. Do not ever store your carpet in a folded condition. Because when the carpet is folded it will cause the folds on the carpet can not be lost. By rolling the carpet, the carpet is not damaged and also has cavities that will not cause moisture to the carpet.

After the carpet is rolled, you must make sure that the top of the carpet is strong enough. Because that way the carpet will not be easily separated while also saving space. Never store carpet in plastic. Because if you keep your carpet in plastic, it will make the carpet moist. With a moist carpet, it will be easier for the carpet to become a den for dangerous carpet molds. You should keep the carpet in a cool, dry room. However, do not you keep the carpet in the area of the room facing directly to the hot sun like under the window and so on. Do not you also store the carpet in a humid room.
Use silica gel products and you place the product on your carpet rolls so that the top of the carpet stays dry and does not become moist.

The next way to prevent mold on the carpet is to always keep the carpet clean. Whether being used or not in use, the carpet is always good in a clean state. Do not let the carpet exposed to water spills and also food. Even if there is already water and food spills, then you should immediately clean and immediately dry the carpet. With you do things like that then the carpet is maintained so that it will not be able to trigger the appearance of mold.

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