Best Material For Wall Siding

You can choose various types of siding materials that can be chosen to add to the beauty of your home. Nowadays siding walls have become mandatory in the architectural design of modern homes. Its installation, makes the residence look more modern and classy. If you want to use exterior wall coverings in your home and use siding installation near me service there are several materials to choose from. This material is ensured to fulfil the siding function.

What are the materials?

1. Wood. The choice of wood material as an outer wall covering has advantages because it is weather-resistant, strong, and can reduce heat inside the building. Pins can choose several wood materials such as pine and oak. What needs to be considered when choosing this wood siding is that it requires more maintenance, such as the need for periodic repainting.

2. Vinyl. Furthermore, the material is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and resin panels. As a coating material, vinyl has an advantage in terms of price because it is cheaper. Then, during the installation and replacement process when damage occurs, it is easier because the shape is easy to cut. Unfortunately, this material is not recommended. It has a negative impact that is quite dangerous because it irritates and causes respiratory diseases such as asthma.

3. Exterior Isolation and Finish System (EIFS). This material is the most popular because it is widely installed on the exterior of commercial buildings such as offices, schools, and flats. Similar to cement, only the difference is that EIFS is made of artificial components. While cement is made of sand and cement, EIFS has a system of insulating panels like plastic and is covered by synthetic cement material.

4. Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC). This fibre-reinforced concrete-like material is commonly used as exterior wall cladding. The advantage is that it is easier to shape according to taste. If you want a coating with a certain ornament, then use GRC. GRC is available in plain form or ornaments that have artistic value, so you can choose according to their needs. The disadvantage of GRC as a siding material is the lack of resistance to room temperature.

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