Benefits and Examples of Machine Learning Applications

The development of technology is getting faster day by day. Machine learning is one of the fields of science that plays a major role in it. Unknowingly, almost everyone uses the products generated by the implementation of machine learning. Here are some benefits and examples of applying machine learning computer vision in everyday life.

Search Engine Results
Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yandex have long used machine learning to rank the pages of a website. Each search engine has its own recipe for the search algorithm used. In practice, when we type keywords, Google will display search results that are closest to those keywords. If we select a page and spend a lot of time on it, Google will detect that the page matches the keywords we entered. Similarly, when we see the next search page for example page 2, 3, and so on. Google will detect errors in search results generated with keywords. That’s how the data is collected and analyzed using machine learning by Google Search Engine, to produce dynamic and quality search results.

Marketplace Product Recommendations
Technological developments cause the use of marketplaces to be increasingly in demand from both the seller and buyer side. Almost everyone uses the marketplace. Every second it can be ascertained that a transaction occurs between traders and buyers. To improve the user experience, each account needs to display product recommendations that match the buyer’s buying interests. To do this automatically and in real time, of course, machine learning really determines the accuracy of each buyer’s product recommendations in each account.

Social Media User Experience
It is undeniable, although it cannot beat the search engine as the most popular site. Social media is the site that has been accessed the longest by users based on Alexa data. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter use machine learning so that users feel at home to continue to look at the gadget screen. Here are some of the user experience improvements that are applications of machine learning.

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