Arrows For Crossbows Are Different From Normal Bow’s Arrows

Crossbow is a bow that is used horizontally and attached to the body of the bow. A crossbow uses arrows of short size or commonly called bolt. Crossbow arrows are not the same as arrows in general. Crossbow arrows have a shorter size than normal arrows. The main element in a bow is an arrow. No matter how good the bow is, if the arrow is not good and does not meet the standard of being an arrow, it will be of no use, because the function of the bow is to shoot the arrow. However, you must also never forget that the quality of your crossbow affects your accuracy too, so you definitely need the best crossbow that you can use for hunting.

Making crossbow arrows is generally the same as making arrows like other bows but still, there is a slight difference. The material that can be used to make arrows varies and certainly has advantages and disadvantages of each. You can use materials such as bamboo, wood, iron, and even fiber.

On the arrowhead’s tip, it must be made sharply to ensure its accuracy and stability. This is necessary to prevent the arrow from turning from its direction mid-flight.

In general, crossbow arrows have a length of 35 cm, which means 25 cm shorter than arrows in general. For the diameter of the crossbow arrows can use large or small diameters. The diameter of the arrow affects the power and damage of the arrow itself.

Arrows that have large diameters have medium speed but have high damage because the body of the arrows has great pressure when the arrow’s eyes hit the target.

Arrows with small diameters, have very fast lust power but large damage power is not as big as large diameter arrows, that is because, the pressure exerted when the arrowhead hits the target, is not as big as large diameter arrows.

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