An Electric Gate Is Not An Excuse To Ignore Home Security System Installation

If you think that living in a neighbourhood house that has a high gate will make you safer, then you should think again. The data show that the tall gates mostly serve only as a status symbol. What’s worse, it turns out that the existence of a tall gate can create a bigger threat. Some burglars target homes with high rates because they know the owners have expensive items to steal. And also they know most of the occupants of this kind of house take the “lazy” way like only installing tall electronic gates instead of using home security systems like alarms and CCTV. Don’t let such a lazy mindset make you vulnerable to thieves and home invaders.

You should consider these things so that you are not lazy to add a security system to your home even though you have installed an electric gate:

Providing the Illusion of Safe Homeowners

a high gate might make you feel more secure but that’s not always true. This false sense of security has resulted in some owners leaving their homes unlocked or leaving windows wide open. This is what makes high gate owners such lucrative targets for savvy thieves.

The High Gate House is a Target for Thieves

Having a high gate seems to say “this house has valuables” and this makes your home a potential gold mine for thieves. Criminals will avoid houses that are protected with alarm systems. But they would not miss the opportunity of a house guarded only by a tall gate. The reason is lower risk of failure if they notice there’s no advanced security system installed at the house.

Electric gates function more as decorations

Indeed, an electric iron gate looks good and luxurious, but is it safe? Firstly it will be quite easy to sneak in and out of the gate undetected, even if you don’t have the key. You can get through the gates by sneaking behind an incoming car. If the gate is damaged then you are forced to leave it open until your repairman manages to fix it. If your electric gate has a certain password, the thieves will be more diligent in finding out how to get through the locked gate easily.

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