An Attractive Homepage Design is a Must!

In today’s digital era, there are many ways to create websites, ranging from low to fairly high costs, and use the tips to good website design. The thing that is the challenge of a website today is how to make an attractive homepage. Creating a website certainly has to be attractive, especially if the website is an online shop. Interesting isn’t just what the eye can see. But how do you make your shop a comfortable place to shop. All the items that you display can be easily found by potential customers and how do you make potential customers get all the information they need as clearly as possible.

To manage a website, maybe you think you need to pay a web programmer or web designer. Actually, with easy-to-use platforms, you can manage your own website.

The homepage will determine how consumers value their business. Creating an attractive homepage is a big job for every website owner, especially online shop owners. Here are some tricks for making an attractive homepage. The hope is that it can make visitors feel at home for a long time on the website and end up being your consumers. In addition, of course, increase website traffic.

Unique and Easy to Read Fonts
Maybe if presented, more than 50% of the content of the website is written. So like it or not you have to think about fonts. Choose a font that is anti-mainstream but easy to read. So that visitors don’t get bored quickly reading the information you want to convey. However, don’t use too many fonts. Start trying with pictures that already represent the information you want to convey. You can also underline and bold keywords.

Adaptive / Responsive Design
In today’s world, the most widely used and very important approach to websites is responsive design. This will make your website function well on various devices such as tablets, PCs, smartphones, and others.

Speed ​​Up Your Website
Time management is very important. The expression time is money fits perfectly in this case. If your website speed is slow you have to prepare to lose your potential customers. At least your website loading time is between 4 seconds to 6 seconds. People tend to move to another website if your loading page is long.

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