Abaya Is The Elegant Middle Eastern Clothing For Muslim Women

Abaya is known as typical clothing for Middle Eastern women, especially Muslim women. The general color of the abaya was originally black. In Saudi Arabia, Muslim women generally wear black abayas that use jet black material or also called Arabian cloth. The abaya material is smooth and falls. The black color exceeds the black color of other fabrics because the jet black is dipped more than once into the processed black to very deep black. As for some abayas, some of which function as the outer. There are also abayas with full buttons or full zipper. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a new abaya, you may want to check out the latest abaya for sale.

A typical abaya model

The specificity of this abaya is in the model. This abaya model is usually straight, although now there are emerging abayas formed like the A-Line. There are also abayas that are shaped at the waist. However, however the abayas are modeled, the abaya’s arms have a peculiarity that makes us know that the clothes are abayas. Wide abaya arm. There is a wide hand span to very wide, even the majority of the arms are shaped like bat wings. The wrist is also wide and there are no buttons on the wrist.

Abayas in Dubai are more varied in color but are usually dominated by soft colors, such as pastel colors, such as baby blue, soft pink, and soft cream. These Dubai Abayas are varied into two colors in one abaya so that they look like superiors and subordinates of different colors.

Tatriz, a Palestinian abaya

Dubai is different, Palestine is different. Abaya in Palestine is also known as tatriz with identical embroidery in the presence of red hues. In addition to red, it is also not uncommon to find black abayas with black lace in Palestine. This means that the abaya can also be enhanced with lace.

In some countries, although abaya enthusiasts generally still revolve around women of Middle Eastern descent, abayas have been present with various variations. The variation starts from plain black abaya, black abaya decorated with beads, pearls, to two-tones pastel colors in one abaya.

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