5 Key Elements To Stand Out Exterior House

If a relatively modest house pays attention to the key elements on the exterior of the house and applies it through the principles of proper architectural design, the exterior of the house can look just as amazing. Well, here paint my house exterior gives you some things you should pay attention to have a stand-out exterior.

1 A mixture of Paint Colors for House Exterior
The most effective way to choose a home exterior color combination is to choose the main color first. For color combinations, choose colors that have one shade lighter or darker than the main color. For example, white is chosen as the main color for most walls, other neutral colors such as gray and black are applied to the frame and garage door. The color combination on the exterior of the house should also be adjusted to the material you are using.

2 Welcoming Entrances
These bright colors are also suitable for application on various models and door design materials, both wooden doors or door trellises made of iron. Oh yes, the use of wooden door trellis is not just for safety reasons, a combination of two different materials can display the texture of the game on the exterior of the house.

3 Functional Window Models
The right window model for the exterior of the house is the window model that best reflects the overall architectural style of the building. But no matter how you look at the exterior style of your house, whether it is modern, contemporary or minimalist, the window still has to have complete functionality.

4 Choosing the Right Roof
You can choose a variety of quality roofing materials with different price variations, of course, from ceramic roofs, concrete, galvalume roofs, spandex roofs to zinc. Which one is the best? Choose the material that is the strongest supporting the entire building and resistant to weather conditions in the surrounding environment. And of course, also adjust to your financial capabilities.

5 Lighting is a priority
Besides that, the exterior lighting of the house also serves to make the building safe and secure. As the installation of garden lights that facilitate outdoor activities in the afternoon or night, and as a light in the corners of the exterior of the house.

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