5 Examples of Church Management Software

1. ACS Technologies, Inc. A leading provider of Custom Church Websites solutions for managing members, groups, volunteers, staff, schedules, events, finances, donations, reporting, mailings, and reporting, amongst other things. Online, offline, remote, and desktop deployment options are available to ensure that you are always connected to your church or community and able to run it efficiently, no matter how small or large it is or how complex its activities and operations are

2. ServantKeeper. A highly rated platform that can be deployed locally or in the cloud and includes powerful applications to aid in the management of your ministry. It includes functionality for managing members and volunteers, donors and contributions, events and attendance, check-ins and security, reporting and research, and communications. You can also create and deploy web, mobile, and desktop apps to engage more volunteers, reduce daily administrative tasks, and expand your community.

3. ParishSOFT. A church management software designed to help Catholic churches and dioceses streamline church office functions. Its integrated tools and applications share a common database for easy information management and access to the most up-to-date records from a parish office PC or a laptop in a remote location. The platform is intended to bring your church and people together by unifying your entire church administration, increasing productivity, and bringing your church and people together.

4. PowerChurch Software. An all-in-one solution for today’s growing churches that assists in the management, monitoring, and tracking of membership, contributions, accounting, events, schedules, communication, and many other aspects. It has served churches and nonprofits since its inception in 1984 by providing affordable and simple solutions that help streamline day-to-day activities and handle a variety of administrative tasks.

5. Church Communities Builder. A cloud-hosted ChMS platform designed to create efficient, well-organized systems and processes that can be accessed and used from any location. It has tools for managing check-ins, contributions and online giving, volunteers and guests, and many more. It includes metrics dashboards and mobile apps, and the vendor offers software implementation assistance.

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