4 Mistakes When Washing Your Hair You Need to Know!

This might be considered a trivial matter. Washing hair or shampooing.
But make no mistake, some people do this the wrong way.
They don’t even know what to do with shampoo on their heads.

For those of you who have thick, thin, curly, straight hair, or whatever.
You should be more sensitive to the hair. Don’t use the wrong shampoo.
These are at least 4 bad habits that many people often do when washing their hair or using shampoo.

1. Not using the right shampoo

If you have dandruff, then use an anti-dandruff shampoo. One that you can use is Zincplex.
If it falls out, use an anti-loss shampoo. If your hair is stiff, use a softening shampoo, and so on.
People usually don’t want to change their shampoo just because they’re afraid it won’t suit them.
Even though when using the current shampoo, her hair often falls out. They don’t want to switch for fear of getting worse.

Or the saddest thing is not wanting to change the shampoo because the required shampoo is more expensive.
There’s even something more ridiculous, not wanting to change shampoos because you’ve fallen in love with the smell.

2. Using too much shampoo

Ideally, one should use only 3 teaspoons of shampoo, regardless of long hair.
Because using too much shampoo doesn’t make your hair healthy, but damages your hair.
In addition, the scalp will also feel more oily and sticky.

3. Do not dilute the shampoo first

The next mistake is pouring shampoo directly on the head. This is legal.
But it’s best to pour the shampoo into your hands and then moisten it with water to make it more liquid, then rub it on your head.
This is to avoid using too much shampoo.

4. Don’t focus on the scalp

This is most often done.
Many people prefer washing their hair, wiping each strand, but not focusing on the scalp.
To maximize shampooing, the scalp must receive special attention.
If not done, the scalp will become oily, and vice versa, your strands will feel dry and easily branched.

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